Finance your family’s future with long-term care.

Long-term care coverage is a wise choice for most adults, especially someone with a family. Given the rising costs of nursing home care — the total insurance premiums paid over a period of 20-30 years can be less than the cost of one year in a retirement home.

Experience the benefits of LTC for you and your family.

  • Helps you pay for long-term care services.
  • Protects your retirement assets or family’s savings.
  • Promotes independent living throughout your life.
  • Enables services to be administered in a variety of settings, including:
  1. Home health care
  2. Assisted living center
  3. Residential care facilities
  4. Nursing homes

Disability Insurance

There are 2 kinds of Disability Insurance: Short Term & Long Term. Ask your Nate Insurance about both types. 

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